Badlands Search & Rescue 

Badlands Search and Rescue is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing Search and Rescue capabilities throughout Wheatland County, Kneehill County and beyond

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We Need Your Support!

Thank you for taking the time to read about our new FIRST AID FUNRAISER for Badlands Search and Rescue Association. Here is some information to help everyone understand why we fundraise.

Our organization is 100% volunteer basis.

Fundraising adds to the safety of the people in the towns and rural communities. To keep our organization growing, we need specialized training, knowledge and equipment for our members.

These First Aid Kits we are selling could mean the world to you, your employees, co-workers, family members in a time of need.

By adding your company logo, you will have a great promotional item.

Noting that Christmas is Coming, these kits would make a great gift for anyone - first time drivers to long hauling drivers, summer sports and events, to skiers, snowmobiles, ice fishing and all the activities in between. We have Pet Kits for those four legged members of the family.

Orders need to be received by November 10, 2018

Please note the Gold colour dollar amount on the right of each picture this is the amount you will be donating to Badlands Search and Rescue.

Contact info to purchase

info@badlandsearchandrescue.ca  or  fundraising@badlandsearchandrescue.ca

For your convenience payment can be made by the following

Cash, Cheque, or E-Transfer to treasurer@badlandsearchandrescue.com

First Aid Fundraiser

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